Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FINALLY on Rate my Space!

So I have wanted to put my rooms on Rate My Space for over 2 years but just when I started to love my house and was ready to take pictures of every room, we remodeled my grandma's house and moved into it!  I wish now I would have taken pictures because it shows how much my own personality has changed and how  my likes have changed.... As a result, I am going to start posting pictures of my house occasionally whenever I change something or am able to buy new  stuff:)  Comments are always welcome, I like constructive critisism!  We have only lived here for 10 months so I have a long way to got to fill every room the way I would like.

Here is my daughter's bedroom I recently completed after switching her crib for a big girl bed.  Thanks for looking and check out my rate my space to rate me please! (MemeAmour)

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